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Why is the smart thermostat the most popular smart home device?

Nov 23,2021 | Heatcold

Heatcold smart thermostats emphasize one advantage above all others: simplicity. All designed to give you effortless control of your home's heating system. In a busy home, this is an important quality, reflected in the growing popularity of smart thermostats. But why do so many people see these products as must-haves for their smart homes? Here are a few reasons why these thermostats are the most popular smart devices. 

Important Smart Home Features
For many people looking for their first smart home device, a Heatcold thermostat is a good place to start. That's because home heating is at the heart of our daily comfort and one of our biggest financial outlays. The main components of a smart thermostat can transform your central heating with features including.

  • Application control for remote temperature adjustment and scheduling from anywhere
  • Wireless multi-zone heating control for individual rooms
  • Smart modes, such as Eco, Comfort, and Away modes
  • Wireless tableside devices for heating control

Smart Thermostat Interconnectivity
Another popular element of Heatcold thermostats is their ability to integrate into pre-existing smart home systems. the Heatcold app is available for both Apple and Android devices, plus our smart thermostats work with voice assistants from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. For even more automation, Heatcold has also partnered with IFTTT to provide an intuitive, automated smart home experience.

Options for expansion and ancillary equipment
Some smart home upgrades require an expensive starter unit or complex changes to your heating system. With an affordable selection of smart thermostat kits and a quick installation process, Heatcold is an increasingly popular choice. As a fully scalable system, you can always add additional smart home devices to enhance control, such as another smart thermostat or a Heatcold Plug. not all smart thermostat systems are so freely scalable, but Heatcold offers complete flexibility.

If you would like more information about this product, you can learn more about the Heatcold Smart Thermostat here. For any product advice or to ask us any questions about our products, please see our support page.



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