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Why do Airbnb hosts need a smart thermostat?

May 20,2022 | Heatcold

For Airbnb owners, managing an Airbnb rental is a rewarding experience in many ways. You have the opportunity to share your beautiful home with others, meet new friends and (of course) earn a return on your property investment. However, enjoying these benefits definitely requires careful planning as an owner

Whether you are a seasoned Airbnb host or a novice, there are tips and tricks everyone can use to maximise guest comfort and return on investment (ROI). As an Airbnb owner, your success ultimately comes down to an assessment of your operating costs and rental income. Managing costs and improving the guest experience is therefore a top priority.

One simple ROI-focused property upgrade that all Airbnb owners should consider is to install smart thermostats throughout the property. Smart thermostats are a great investment that can help improve the guest experience, reduce operating costs and make rental management easier.

Create a warm welcome for your guests
First impressions mean everything to your guests. From the moment they enter your Airbnb, they should feel welcome, comfortable and at home.

A calm, comfortable and well-decorated space will pay for itself tenfold in customer satisfaction and positive reviews. the more attention Airbnb hosts pay to providing this warm welcome, the more likely tenants will be to take care of the space during their stay.

From fresh cut flowers and a bottle of wine to a fridge full of local food and farm fresh eggs; Airbnb hosts have millions of creative ways to set up the perfect welcome. Whatever your unique style, don't forget the perfect match for them: comfort

Whether your guests are coming from a long day of travel or local sightseeing, they come with the expectation of a relaxed, homely environment. This is where the intelligent thermostat comes into play. From cosy, energy-efficient baseboard heating to comfortable underfloor heating that keeps toes warm; the smart thermostat will help you hit a home run when it comes to guest comfort and satisfaction.

How a smart thermostat can work for your B&B
In reality, it comes down to one important factor - control. As an Airbnb owner, having the ability to control how much you spend on heating while creating a pleasant, comfortable environment for your guests is key. Smart thermostats give you complete control over how and when you heat your home. They also come with a range of intuitive energy saving features.

Features such as scheduling, home/home modes, zoning and energy charts help Airbnb owners to significantly reduce the time spent managing the heating of their property. And, there's the added benefit of exponentially increasing energy savings and guest enjoyment!

With the Smart Thermostat, you can control how and when your Airbnb property is heated from anywhere in the world, according to your own schedule. The smart upgrade gives you the ability to control your thermostat from your smartphone, making your life hassle-free. Gone are the days of having to stay near your Airbnb to make sure the heating is on, the space is warm and ready for your guests' arrival. In its place, a smart thermostat gives you complete control over the heating of your property without any inconvenient time pressure. You can still be a responsible Airbnb owner, it's just more convenient.

Take advantage of smart energy savings
While flexible check-in options are popular with Airbnb hosts and their guests, they can also result in your rental being ready - but unused - for hours. Similarly, your guests often enjoy a full schedule of sightseeing and exploring when they stay in your Airbnb. Ensuring your home is only heated when it's needed is key to maintaining a healthy profit margin 

When it comes to increasing your 'smart' energy savings, the features of a smart thermostat can definitely help. Here's a sneak peek at the top five energy-saving features that can increase your savings on your monthly energy bills.

1. Scheduling
Set up an ideal heating schedule for your rental property in less than a minute. Ensure your guests receive a warm welcome by arranging for the heating to come on 30 minutes before they arrive. Likewise, you can arrange for the heating to turn off at check-out time. With temperature scheduling, Airbnb owners can eliminate the worry and expense of heating an empty space.

2. Zone control
Knowing that your guests' comfort needs extend beyond one room, Airbnb owners can install multiple smart thermostats in a single property. With zone control, you can divide your smart thermostats into heating zones and control them from your smartphone.

3. Locking mode
Smart thermostats help create a consistently comfortable environment for your guests, increasing their satisfaction and helping you grow your business. As an Airbnb owner, gain additional peace of mind knowing that you are always in control of your property's temperature settings. To avoid guests unnecessarily raising the thermostat set point (especially when they leave to go sightseeing!) ), please enable the lockout mode. This will disable the temperature control on the physical thermostat so you can use the app to maintain unique control remotely.

4. Energy charts
By installing a smart thermostat in your Airbnb, you've decided to take full control of your heating. Using the Energy Graph, you can see exactly where you are using the most energy and where you need to save. The data from the energy graph enables you to identify where you can make small adjustments. This can have a big positive impact on your energy bills!

5. Shared access
You're building an Airbnb empire and your time is more valuable than ever! You can do this by sharing access. To maximize savings and save time while ensuring the comfort of your guests, savvy Airbnb owners may install smart thermostats in different properties. Shared access helps you manage multiple units in multiple homes and easily share access to your account with your property manager. You can also share access with your guests, allowing them to control the temperature whenever and wherever they want during their stay. (if you so choose).




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