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What makes "smart" heating control smart?

Nov 17,2021 | Heatcold

There are more and more smart devices in our homes across the EU and with Heatcold you can upgrade your home heating system with a smart room thermostat and a smart radiator thermostat. I want to know what gives a smart heating controller its name? What features make a product truly "smart" and what are the benefits?

What is a smart device?
Broadly speaking, a smart device can be almost anything. But what connects all these devices is the ability to connect, share and interact with the user or users and other smart products (mainly smartphones). They typically provide simple commands and flexible settings to enable greater convenience for the user. In addition, their ability to integrate with other systems allows users to build smart home systems.

What counts as smart heating control?
When it comes to central heating systems, smart devices can be revolutionary. While traditional boiler thermostats can be manually adjusted, turned on or off, and usually have some sort of timer setting. Smart heating controls are much more infinitely powerful in terms of control; you can monitor, adjust, set schedules, and activate innovative heating patterns in individual rooms with multi-zone heating. Allows for control anytime, anywhere, while also integrating other smart devices and voice commands.

What are the main benefits of this?
Our Beginner's Guide to Smart Heating is the best place to learn about all the benefits of heatcold smart heating controls, the benefits include.

Energy efficiency. With greater control overheating, less energy is wasted in certain rooms.
Money savings. Reducing waste can lead to much lower annual energy bills.
Greener heating. Reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy.
Comfort and convenience. More control means it's easier to find your ideal temperature and adjust your heat settings.
Compatibility. Smart Heating integrates with smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so your system is easier to access while remaining completely secure.
You can find more information on our support page.



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