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What are the common smart thermostat concerns?

Nov 17,2021 | Heatcold

There are several benefits to purchasing a smart thermostat, including easier control over your heating and multi-zone comfort. However, some homes still have concerns about upgrading from their current unit. So today, we'll identify some common smart thermostat problems and how heatcold heating systems can solve them.

1. Cost
Many people consider their heating to be a necessity. As long as it works, why change it? So one of the problems with smart heating is that the cost of upgrading from a traditional thermostat doesn't feel reasonable. After all, why spend money on a heating system that is already working well?

The Heatcold Solution
Thankfully, it is estimated that smart thermostats typically pay for themselves within two years, as the 'energy savings' can reduce heating bills by up to 24%. Furthermore, given that Heatcold smart thermostats can save you up to £200 per year and are often better priced than competing products, concerns about cost can be further alleviated. But for those who are still concerned about the cost of the initial set-up, we also offer the following

Extended 3-year warranty

30-day money-back guarantee

Free shipping and returns

Smart TRV, which can be purchased separately to meet your needs

2. Smart Thermostat Installation
Upgrading your home's central heating can sound like a daunting task. Installation concerns often prevent some people from upgrading to a smart thermostat, seeing it as more of a hassle than a value.

Heatcold solutions
We recommend that you go through a professional when purchasing smart heating products.

3. Setup
Similar to installation, the idea of creating a personalized heating schedule and connecting the thermostat to other smart home devices can be off-putting. Homeowners don't want to be overwhelmed by their heating system.

Heatcold Solutions
Heatcold offers a comprehensive support guide to frequently asked questions, as well as a glossary of common smart heating terms. This, combined with our intuitive application controls for creating and adjusting schedules, means that setting up an ideal heating system is still very simple.

4. Security Issues
Finally, one of the broader concerns that many people have about smart products is their data security. Understandably, people want to know what data their smart homes are using and how their devices are staying secure from any threats.

Heatcold Solution
At Heatcol, we take data security very seriously. Most of the information collected by our smart heating system needs to perform the necessary functions. In addition, all the content we collect is encrypted and can be deleted when needed, such as when you move. Learn more about our smart thermostat security policy here.

Discover the Heatcold Smart Room Thermostat for additional information, or Contact Us Here for any queries.


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