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Four ways to use the smart thermostat

Nov 18,2021 | Heatcold

Pop quiz: What is a smart thermostat?

If your answer includes the following: a) connected to the Internet, b) controlled with a smartphone app, c) changes the temperature without being told - you are correct.

The other correct answer is knowledge. A thermostat that knows more about your house and your needs can take smarter action on your behalf. That's why many stand-alone, networked thermostats, equipped with a view of just one room, don't do it.

And that's where a smart thermostat that's compatible with the heatcold app comes in. Connected to every device and activity sensor in your smart home security system, it knows more, understands more, and can do more to save energy and keep you comfortable. Here are four ways you can use it.

1. Save effort
The heatcold smart thermostat uses real-time information from all over your home to discover more energy-saving opportunities.

When no one is at home, it can automatically save energy according to the arming state of the security system. It can also use geo-services to save energy when you go to work and make things comfortable on your way home again.

On hot days, it knows the temperature outside and can increase it slightly to save you some money. When your child opens doors and windows, it can even minimize waste.

2. Enjoy precise and comfortable room by room
Although most smart thermostats are limited by a single room view, our smart thermostat can read the temperature of different rooms in your home by adding a small wireless temperature sensor.

Armed with this knowledge, it can heat or cool the house, providing precise comfort for any single room you choose. In addition to dealing with hot rooms, this allows you to create a custom and comfortable schedule around your family’s daily life. You can enjoy morning coffee in a very comfortable kitchen, make sure your baby’s room is comfortable during nap time, and enjoy the cool upstairs bedroom in the evening.

3. Control things without lifting your hand
With a voice-controlled device connected to your system, your smart thermostat responds to your voice. You can "ask Alexa" to adjust to an exact temperature, or simply ask to turn the temperature up or down, with a 2° change in either direction.

For additional convenience, you can include your thermostat in the app's customizable scene commands.

4. Protect your home from cold weather disasters
Can a thermostat protect the house? With smart home security intelligence, it can.

For example, in the middle of winter, water pipes will slowly freeze in a cold house, then burst and flood the house. Temperature threshold alarms generated by thermostats and temperature sensors can alert you in advance, enabling you to deploy emergency heat sources and avoid large cleanup costs.

Now that you have a smart thermostat, do you consider upgrading your HVAC system?

It's easy to get a smart thermostat with a temperature sensor. A larger investment in a new and efficient HVAC system may need to be more convincing. Look for the HVAC supplier, the installer of your choice, or the rebate program offered by your local utility company.


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