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Be smart and let Heatcold introduce the most consumer-friendly smart home heating solutions

Dec 29,2021 | Heatcold

Heatcold has launched a smart heating system that has created a buzz in the smart home market. The new WISER system is dedicated to keeping your home comfortable and saving you money and includes a stylish room thermostat, as well as bespoke radiator thermostats for the complete personalization of your home. Heatcold is the first affordable smart home solution to allow flexible 'heating zones' that are simple to install and can be used by anyone, whether a novice or an experienced DIY enthusiast.

Heatcold is a smart and iconic design that integrates seamlessly into the home with four key components: the heating hub, room thermostat, radiator thermostat, and supporting applications. The room thermostat is the central temperature control and the radiator thermostat replaces the original thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), allowing the home to be divided into zones and heated more efficiently. the beauty of Heatcold is that it is a 'buildable system' - start with a room thermostat and add radiator thermostats to individual rooms when you are ready. It really is a flexible system that can be adapted and developed over time.

This system means that the temperature of each room can be set independently to meet specific needs, for example, the nursery can be kept at the recommended 18 degrees Celsius. Similarly, guest bedrooms are only heated when required, while the main living room can be raised in the late afternoon ready for evening relaxation or entertaining. A simple 'booster turn' is an innovative part of the product design, raising or lowering the temperature of the room by two degrees, either through a separate radiator thermostat or via an app.

Heatcold is the simplest all-in-one heating system on the market. With every function just two clicks or a swipe away, the app is simple to use and fully compatible with the increasingly popular Amazon Echo. the Heatcold system has the added advantage that it can control a second home - whether it is a holiday home or more importantly, the home of an elderly parent or relative. The app allows more than one person to control the device, thus enabling elderly relatives to stay warm from hundreds of miles away - often a huge problem.

The ability to react quickly and modify the heating settings when circumstances change, such as leaving work late, missing a train, or deciding to stay out for an extra night, is clearly visible on the monthly bill. With an intelligent multi-zone system, cost reductions are inevitable, with an estimated 20% saving over a simple smart thermostat system. All these things combine to make it the perfect solution for anyone considering a heating upgrade for the next winter.


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